Recommended Links: Week up to 4/22/12

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Great reads, motivation, and Thoughts of the past week:

1.Forbes| Credit Unions & Debt :

2. Zen Habits| A good read about Packing Light and enjoying freedom from baggage:

3. Forbes | Insights into Lottery:

4. Black Enterprise | A good read about black men and the way we handle and process anger/frustration:

5. Oprah | Dont really like Oprah but I was sent this by my friend and there are some life Gems in this. Very motivational:

6. Scientific American | Study into the subliminal cues and choices we make, and the elements that are in control:

7. LA Weekly | An indepth article about the film industry’s attempt to drop 35mm film and the numerous negatives it would create:

8. Forbes | Time Managment tips:


9. Pensado’s Place | Interviews With mixing engineers (Technical stuff):

10. Ruin | Post apocolyptic short animation:

11. Dr Larry Iverson | How to create instant motivation and instant gratification (Highly Recommended):

12. Dr Larry Iverson | Insights into Great Relationships:

13. Science Magazine | Brain Implants Help Paralyzed regain Control


Very Dope female rappers. Very refreshing, best stuff Ive heard in a while:

Nino Bless = Dopeness

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