2013-2014 Check-in

Sep 12 2013


I’ve been blessed with a hiatus; growing, getting things together, building etc. God willing, expect many changes as soon as I get a chance to update, but I cant say too much now. If you wish to get in contact with me in the meantime, please do so in the “Get Involved” tab above.

Most of the old music (Anything posted before 2014) will be going into an archive site, as well as a lot of the old videos; They’ll remain up for a bit longer.  

We have a new Direction, new Purpose, new Calling and new Life. 

For now, make your time awesome- Cherish it. Peace.

One Love


“Autumn is the eternal corrective. It is ripeness and color and a time of maturity; but it is also breadth, and depth, and distance. What man can stand with autumn on a hilltop and fail to see the span of his world and the meaning of the rolling hills that reach to the far horizon?”

-Hal Borland

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Sunday Reflection: The Good of the Clouds

Oct 01 2012

This last week, I’ve been mourning the loss of my grand mother, and reflecting on her life, our life and making the most of life in general. We buried her on Friday, and the weekend has been a new chapter of sorts. This Sunday, I spent a good amount of time out side, just enjoying the sun, nature and appreciating being alive with health and my senses.

The autumn sun was bright and mildly warm with a fair amount of clouds. As the day rolls on, the sunshine gets blocked fairly frequently, and I start to get a sculch upset until I start to notice the absence of the sun, only made me feel the warmth I just received  When I’m basking in it, its constant, its there and I can grow numb to it. But when there is a rhythm, a end to the sunshine, I truly thoroughly appreciate what it does and how it feels.

During my grieving process, the Sun and clouds gave me an invaluable perspective on our lives:

Life is full of clouds and sunshine. Every night, or cloud cover is a time to enjoy, digest, and reflect on the warmth you enjoyed, as well as a chance to appreciate the last, and the next sunshine.

Each person brings a bit of light into our lives, enjoy it while the Sun shines, and appreciate it when its gone, more light will come along soon. RIP Nana.

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Food assistance for Ward 5 DC residents

Sep 13 2012

Via my friend Olivia, if you live in DC, please pass on to anyone you know that lives in Ward 5:

 Bag food is available for Ward 5 Residents in need of assistance. The Bags will be available every Thursday between the hours of 9am and 1pm. PRE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR PICKUP!!! You are required to call at least 2 weeks prior to pickup. Please call 202-269-9574. Leave a message or feel free to come in to pre register on:

Tuesdays: from 10am to 1:30pm
Thursdays: from 10am to 1pm

Location: Isreal Baptist Church
1251 Saratoga Ave NE
Washington, DC 20018

Please email Olivia G

 (olivia.gore04 *at* yahoo.com) for additional information!

 Or contact me and I’ll connect you. Please share and pass this on, thank you.

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Because I Felt Like It: 7 Life Messages {Repost}

Sep 03 2012

First off, FUCK the world!! Only YOU have to live and die with YOURSELF everyday. Dont live for something thats temporary. But DO make part of your daily living, helping others.

Its like when you cook a meal, you can fix your plate first, but make sure there’s enough food for those you love and have over your house, sort of speak. Put your needs first then take care of those around you.

2nd, Stay true to the foundations of life: Always keep your Faith and Hope, Always Forgive, and Constantly give Love; These are the foundations of life and living. The greatest of all being, love. Every religion, spiritual organization and benevolent code/way of life on this earth pushes for Unity, Peace, Trust, Honesty. Those foundations of life, are how we will be at peace in ourselves, and our worldly community. These things will be your battery, it will keep you energized and charged (Most people use religion, God is awesome for this as well).

3rd, Never give up. As in, never be deterred or defeated, and never allow yourself to be lazy in chasing what you want or need. Be strong. GO GET IT, and DON’T STOP until its YOURS. YOU are the only obstacle in your path, don’t let you, fail YOU. Impossible is an opinion!

4th, know when to give up lol. As in, know what battles are worthy of your energy and time. Know what battles deserve to be fought and know when you are on the justified side of that battle. Be honest and legit with yourself, fighting a battle you shouldn’t be fighting is 2 wars raged on YOU. You’re fighting the world, and your own health. Some people and things just don’t want to be saved, or are not ready to be saved. Don’t damage yourself saving them because, they’ll fight you the whole way, only to go right back to that place/behavior when you ease up off them. Judge the situation, and know if you need to remove yourself. Always be picky with your time and energy

5th, Find and be yourself. YOU are a treasure and have a divine purpose unique to only YOU. That purpose wont be found if you are following and copying people. Do what you need to. Wear what you like. Go where you need to, but don’t do those things because its cool. Matter-fact, beware of cool, and those obsessed with being it. “Cool” is often manufactured by the people that AREN’T cool. Balance your need for a community, with your need to know and be true to YOU.

6th Balance: find and maintain balance in your life. In all aspects. Balance will keep you from burning out, and/or getting bored. Balance will keep you healthy and will allow you to live longer than those that don’t know how to balance. A lot of people live off of extremes, they’re usually compensating for a void they aren’t aware of. There is not a religion, nor body of wisdom that doesn’t encourage balance and Temperance.  Balance is the key to being virtuous, and a good rule of thumb to avoiding the ILLs of this world!

7thBe happy. Be determined to be happy. No matter where you find your self in life, know, you are still alive and be appreciative of that. You have another chance to continue, another try. Many people DO NOT and will never get that chance. Prison, death, disability, comas, etc, there are a lot of states of mind and places billions of people will never return from. Relish in the fact that you can. Be empowered that you are still alive.
When the world comes down on you, and you’re tired of fighting, still continue fighting! This is where you use #3, don’t let them defeat you! You’re not gonna always feel it, and you’re gonna want to quit, but you CANT quit this, so be an asshole! Just keep fighting because you don’t want THEM to have their way! Remember, whether you are having highs or lows, be happy for that ability. Rejoice! I mean, You’re going to have them anyway- regardless of what you do, so you might as well smile and enjoy the ride.

One Love

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“I Support Local Music and Art”

Aug 29 2012

I Support Local Music and Art. by Hilda Vazquez


That means I show up to their gigs whenever I can. It means I open my wallet to pay cover charges without complaining about it. It means I’m more than happy to hand over 10, 15, 20 to buy their new CD when it comes out, understanding that more than likely they had to do the job of an entire production team to get it made. It means I’m proud to say that I’ve never gotten on a list for free, I didn’t ask to be put there; that musician did it out of the goodness of their heart, not because i wanted a free hand out. It means I show up to art shows. I buy originals or prints whenever i can. it means I help spread the word on upcoming openings and events. They’re all artists trying to make a living, not just your form of entertainment. Keep art and music alive. Open your wallet when you can.


I support you Hilda. All thriving art communities need $s to keep the creative culture and entertainment going. While creatives may have a day job, we also need the bits of money from the community to help cover costs to provide and delivery these goods for consumption. Even $5 a CD/project helps, so I urge everyone to be mindful to keep the arts alive, its all of our responsibility to support what we enjoy.

Heres some ideas:


Check out more of my thoughts on this subject: The Underground: Support the Life Blood

Also check:




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Great Quote: I Had an Unhappy Life, Thank God.

Aug 20 2012

“I had an unhappy life, thank God.”


#amwriting #writing #writetip via @AdviceToWriters

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